Dream big dreams, change directions, travel, meet new people, get excited, seek silence, nourish your soul daily, find passion, intimacy, happiness, be joyful, work out regularly, have faith, give thanks, read more, replenish, renew your spirit, go for a walk in nature, love, forgive, let past issues go and be free, be joyful, spend time on you, get to know yourself, step outside your comfort zone, take risks, grow, laugh….set up a Joy Fund that will give you the opportunity to take part in activities that will do all of the above.  A New Year, a great time to start a little fund for you, a savings account for all your joy needs.  Start your own Joy Fund!

Join me for a weekend of Rest and Renewal in March, registration is now open and space is limited, check out the details on my website www.thejoysource.com 

 The Joy Course starts in 2 weeks!  What a wonderful time to focus on YOU and JOY!!  A 6 week course for women held in Salem, MA. that focuses on living a joyful life!  details on my website www.thejoysource.com