The goal of The Joy Source is to encourage you to live a more joyful and purposeful life. Discovering the truths within you, honoring them, and most importantly, living each day with a strong sense of purpose. Feelings of joy and wholeness come from living a balanced life. What stirs the passion in you?

How is it that we give so much of ourselves to others, our precious time, our energy and we often forget to nurture ourselves until it’s too late. Feelings of anger, resentfulness and frustration set in. I encourage you to take the time to restore your spirit and nourish your soul. You’re worth it!

It’s time to re discover what inspires you! It’s never too late! Come join me on this journey!

One Response to “About Julie and The Joy Source”

  1. Marta Kane Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to acknowledge the feelings that SO many women feel and just don’t know what to do with them! My objective in coming is to reaffirm my feelings and to bring to the surface the feelings of my 22 year old daughter also!. I never had this opportunity in my 20’s and thank you for offering this day of inspiriation to my daughter.This is big!!!!!

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