Choices.  Happy or sad.  Good or bad.  Go out or stay in. Ride your bike or go for a run.  ChoicesLet life pass you by or be called to action.  Watch your friends enjoy their lives or be compelled to enjoy yours as well.  See those around you take risks and grow or step out of your comfort zone and reap your own rewards.   Sit by idly and passion-less or read some inspiring books and begin your soul-searching.  ChoicesWatch your friends discover love or be in search of your soul-mate and experience it for yourself.  Observe others create and live their lives exactly how they want or go in pursuit of your lost dreams and create your own life.  Sit in the backseat and be still or move forward and make it your time.  It’s your choice.

Standing by on the sidelines without being fully engaged in the game can leave you feeling bored and resentful.  Stir up the passion.  Fully participate in your life.  Ignite your fire from the inside.  Tap into your strengths, we all have them; what are yours?

Oriah states in her book The Invitation: “I don’t want to know how old you are.  Your age tells me how long you have lasted, but not what you have made of the precious time you have been given.  Lasting, enduring, is not enough.  Tell me of the times you have taken a risk, and how you greet your fear.”

Choices.  Give up or keep going.  Overwhelmed by an obstacle in your path or plow right through it.  Cry and retreat, or cry and try again.  Choices.  By not making a choice you’re still making a choice.  It just might not be the right one.

Dream.  Create.  Joy. Passion.  Happiness.  Love.  Experience all of these.  The choice is yours.  Make the right one.