How wonderful the feeling of a woman who is full, who is content,

 who feels worthy and who makes the right choices

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who makes the right decisions, who believes in her strengths, her capabilities and doesn’t spend much time trying to correct her weaknesses

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who capitalizes on her strengths, who doesn’t let the past define her, who doesn’t try to be better than anyone else in her life

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who is creating her life exactly how she wants it to be, a woman who sets boundaries for herself, who can disappoint another to be true to her self

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who knows the feeling of going from lack to abundance; a strong, confident woman, who has the feeling of contentment with her self

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who is fully aware and insightful, spending time in quiet reflection on how far she’s come and where she hopes to be

How wonderful the feeling of a woman who sets goals and dreams for herself, always looking forward reaching, not dwelling on the past, only looking back long enough to know she never wants to return there.

Being better than you used to be requires not dwelling in the past but reflecting long enough to marvel at how much you’ve grown

Being better than you used to be is about making positive choices each and every day

Choices that affect your happiness, nourish your being and bring you joy

Being better than you used to be is about igniting your spirit in such a way that you feel fully alive and vibrant

Be This Woman.  Be Better Than You Used To Be.

Our next JoySource Event is our March Retreat “A Weekend of Rest and Renewal”  March 10 & 11, details to follow

Vacation Funds.  Rainy Day Funds.  Retirement Funds.  I think it is about time you start a Joy Fund.  A fund whose only purpose is for joyful activities.    Activities, places, people who bring you joy and a smile to your face.  Recently, I went to visit the Stonehedge Inn and Spa in Tyngsboro, MA. where I am hosting a Woman’s Retreat of Rest and Renewal, and I was once again reminded of why I am drawn to this most lovely place.  Immediately upon walking in you begin to de stress.  Relaxation comes over you as you take in the tranquil surroundings.  The rooms are lavish and pampering.  The workshop rooms are a perfect design to aid in our learning and renewal.  The spa simply invites your spirit to be nourished.

The price for the Retreat Weekend in March is $250, includes your overnight stay, 2 healthy meals, all day workshops, use of indoor pool and jacuzzi, a wild Athena’s Goddess party on Saturday night followed by gentle yoga on Sunday morning.  Or stay in bed and relax.  Or get a massage, facial and pedicure. 

 You do so much in your daily life, why not take a night just for YOU?  I know you know ladies who are able to take advantage of weekends like these.  With a Joy Fund, it could be possible for you too.  Budget and plan for activities and events you enjoy.  I travel to the West Coast every year for  fun inspiring workshops as well as enjoy my spa weekends, all made possible with a Joy Fund.  I budget all year so I can take time out for me.  The planning is so worth it!!!I encourage you to set one up too!  Even if the retreat is not something you want to do.  Find something that brings you joy and get that fund ready for action!

If you send in $50 (non refundable) deposit for the March Woman’s Retreat by January 1st, take $25 off the total price.  You then can send in $25 a week until it is paid off or in whatever increments you would like.  

 Budget.  Plan.  Get excited to nourish your soul.  Do joyful activities.  Set up a Joy Fund and Be Joyful.

Are you ready to embrace joy?  Dreaming of passion and excitement in your life? 

The Joy Course is a great place to start!  A small group atmosphere of women where we explore finding joy, leading joyful lives and how to stay that way!  There is something very special about a small group of women coming together to share their goals and their dreams; finding support and nourishment in simply being together on the journey. 

Questions we will ponder….Do you take risks to grow?  Or are you stuck in your comfort zone? 

Are there negative people in your life bringing you down?  Or are you inspired to live your best life as evidenced by your friends? 

 Do you set realistic goals?  Or do you just daydream about the life you wish you could have?

Do you take time for yourself to renew your spirit and nourish your soul?  Or are you too busy saying YES to everybody but yourself?

Come join me in re-discovering your passions, interests and joy! The next session begins on Tuesday night, September 21st, 7-8:30pm, Peabody location.  $125 for 6 weeks.  Email me at Julie@thejoysource.com  to sign up. For more information and testimonials from previous Joy Course participants please check out my website at www.thejoysource.com

Come join the Joy Course for 6 Tuesday nights group sessions and you will be nurtured and