Every year I get excited for June to come; warm weather, school’s out and MY BIRTHDAY!  I celebrate all month telling (and reminding) everyone I see.  The reactions I get are priceless.  Some are happy for me and others who hide from their birthday seem perplexed by my cheer.  Why celebrate getting older?  Why Not?  If you are living your life to the fullest, enjoying your family, friends and striving to reach your full potential why not celebrate?  I use the day to reflect on my life and how far I have come.  Now where is it I need to be?……oh wait, I am already here. R ight here.  Right where I am supposed to be. 

If you are constantly growing, dreaming, and achieving than celebrate!  There is a beauty I  have discovered in getting older…getting to know myself on a deeper level, choosing wisely the friends I keep, letting go of past issues that no longer serve me and alas, becoming more confident in my daily life to pursue my passions.

This birthday choose to celebrate you, your only day to truly celebrate your unique self.  If you are not in the celebrating mood; grow not only in age but in self discovery.  Where do you want to be in a year from now?  I wish you the courage and the strength to make it happen. 

Celebrate you.