HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This is your year to SAY YES TO YOU! Ready to embrace the world and shine?    Here are 10 ideas to get you moving in the right direction for a more joyful life

1.  Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.

2.  Buy a beautiful journal and start writing your dreams and goals for the New Year, what do you want to accomplish this year?  Where do you hope to be in 12 months?

3.  Take time for you every day, even if it is a quiet walk around the block.

4.  Exercise!  Make the time, you will feel less stressed, healthy and your heart will thank you.

5.  Ditch the bad habits and replace them with healthier ones.

6.  Sign up for some new classes to grow and learn, my Joy Course will be starting in the Spring!  You will feel empowered and more confident!

7.  Work less, play more…or at least strike a balance.

8.  Forgive and let go.


10.  Join me at my Woman’s Retreat of Rest and Renewal, March 10th and 11th at the Stonehedge Inn and Spa and in Tyngsboro MA.  Oh, what fun we are going to have!  Set your New Years goals in motion with time to relax, think, dream, unwind and GROW.   Call your best friend and invite her too!  Register today!  www.thejoysource.com

Invest in you.  You are worth it.  If you need a positive push, email me and ask about my individual Joy Coaching program, it might be just what you need!  In Person or virtual.

It’s Time to make your dreams come true.

Dream big dreams, change directions, travel, meet new people, get excited, seek silence, nourish your soul daily, find passion, intimacy, happiness, be joyful, work out regularly, have faith, give thanks, read more, replenish, renew your spirit, go for a walk in nature, love, forgive, let past issues go and be free, be joyful, spend time on you, get to know yourself, step outside your comfort zone, take risks, grow, laugh….set up a Joy Fund that will give you the opportunity to take part in activities that will do all of the above.  A New Year, a great time to start a little fund for you, a savings account for all your joy needs.  Start your own Joy Fund!

Join me for a weekend of Rest and Renewal in March, registration is now open and space is limited, check out the details on my website www.thejoysource.com 

 The Joy Course starts in 2 weeks!  What a wonderful time to focus on YOU and JOY!!  A 6 week course for women held in Salem, MA. that focuses on living a joyful life!  details on my website www.thejoysource.com