You Have the potential for more, I just know it.  I can tell you are capable of more too.  Are you safe in your comfort zone?  Being in your comfort zone is… well, comfortable, safe and easy.  I am one to always feel a need to push the limits of my comfort zone and take the risk to grow.  In fact, at my September event, I will be speaking on this topic of Risk.   If taking a risk offers you an opportunity to grow in a positive direction; personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, I encourage you to take it!  It is natural to be fearful, but many of us stay in this fearful thinking and it can paralyze us from moving forward.  I am in no way encouraging you to make a move you are not ready for or saying you should not be comfortable where you are in your life right now.  I am gently encouraging you to take a look at your life, career, partner, friends, hobbies, faith, and find an area that you might need to push yourself a bit to grow.

Surround yourself with people who support you and nourish you.  People who take the risk to grow in their own lives and celebrate those steps of growth in yours. 

Sitting in quiet reflection can help you ponder, is it time to move forward in some area of your life and does that require taking a risk?

Keep on growing my friends, keep getting better, because you are worth it.

What are your goals and dreams?  When was the last time you set goals for yourself?  Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to make goals for the new year, start now!!! As part of my Joy Course curriculum, goals and dreams are a hot topic.  Many of us can’t remember the last goal we set.  Personal goals, professional goals, spiritual goals..all goals are very important in giving our lives positive forward momentum.  I was just reading  one of my new favorite magazines  “Psychology Today”, where an article on setting goals caught my attention.  Gregg Steinberg writes “People who aren’t successful typically aren’t goal-oriented; Set an appropriate goal, creating clear strategies to reach it, and assessing your progress weekly or bimonthly”.  He reminds us to always come up with a plan B and C and D.  I remember when I didn’t get accepted to the grad school I originally wanted in Massachusetts, I wasn’t sure what to do.  My mom then asked me what my plan B was.  I didn’t have one.  Since I am a goal driven person, I gave myself an hour to think and came up with  one….and off to Miami I went.  (hot sun and grad school how perfect!!!)

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting high standards you can’t meet.  Set realistic goals and celebrate when you achieve them.  Even the achievement of small goals deserve a big party.

I would love to hear your goals.  One of mine is to have 100 women attend my September event for women.  The registration form is in the mail this week.  Won’t you send it in and help me reach my goal?

Passion is like an adrenaline rush.  It consumes our being, offers a fresh perspective on life and fills us with joy. 

 What stirs your passion?  Renews your spirit?  Makes you feel good?

 FEED YOUR PASSION.  Passion fuels us, drives us and gives us a reason to wake up in the morning.  The sparks from the fire fuel the drive and motivation.  You are worthy and you deserve it!  Sometimes you just can’t play by the rules; take the day off from work and go PLAY.   Live on purpose.  People take notice when you are radiating a light from within.  People will gravitate to you.  They will want to know what are you doing, why you are feeling so good and where could they possibly get some.  This is being filled with passion.  YOU GLOW!  If you are having a difficult time remembering what you are passionate about, this might be a nice time to sit outside in this wonderful warm weather and do some soul-searching. (and join my 6 week Joy Course in the Fall where we spend lots of time figuring it out!)   Seek the sparks my friends.  Excitement and joy awaits you.

Don’t settle for boring.  Don’t settle for bland.  Brighten yourself up.