What are your goals and dreams?  When was the last time you set goals for yourself?  Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to make goals for the new year, start now!!! As part of my Joy Course curriculum, goals and dreams are a hot topic.  Many of us can’t remember the last goal we set.  Personal goals, professional goals, spiritual goals..all goals are very important in giving our lives positive forward momentum.  I was just reading  one of my new favorite magazines  “Psychology Today”, where an article on setting goals caught my attention.  Gregg Steinberg writes “People who aren’t successful typically aren’t goal-oriented; Set an appropriate goal, creating clear strategies to reach it, and assessing your progress weekly or bimonthly”.  He reminds us to always come up with a plan B and C and D.  I remember when I didn’t get accepted to the grad school I originally wanted in Massachusetts, I wasn’t sure what to do.  My mom then asked me what my plan B was.  I didn’t have one.  Since I am a goal driven person, I gave myself an hour to think and came up with  one….and off to Miami I went.  (hot sun and grad school how perfect!!!)

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting high standards you can’t meet.  Set realistic goals and celebrate when you achieve them.  Even the achievement of small goals deserve a big party.

I would love to hear your goals.  One of mine is to have 100 women attend my September event for women.  The registration form is in the mail this week.  Won’t you send it in and help me reach my goal?