The inspiration and positive energy you can feel from attending an uplifting event can change your life.  Attending a conference for women focusing on setting your dreams and goals in motion might be just what you need right now.  Are you in need of some creative inspiration?   Are you stuck?  Do you want to be surrounded by amazing women? 

I have been planning the September 12th conference for women “A Women’s Day of Inspiration and Joy”, for the past year with hopes it will be an amazing event.  Over the past 5 years, I have traveled to the West Coast to attend these types of trainings and I have always left inspired, confident and ready to take on the world.  The only problem was , you  my friends, were not there to take part and celebrate with me.  So here I am on the East Coast, planning the event so we can all be inspired together!

Georgianna Melendez, a life coach and motivational speaker , will be speaking about confidence and how Confidence is Sexy.   Why, you ask?  Well, because it is.   I can tell if I am speaking to a confident woman by the way she speaks, interacts with others and how she dresses.   Come listen to Georgianna speak about this topic, you will be inspired!

Dr. Julie McCullough will be speaking about Stress reduction and Healthy living.  YES!  We are too stressed!  She has an excellent presentation that will combine the medical implications of stress on the body as well as stress reduction techniques.  Dr. Julie will lower your stress and you will feel better after hearing her speak!  Come join us!

Our Key Note  Speaker, Kim Todd, Executive Director of Dress for Success in Boston will be speaking about “The Power of Compassion”.  Dress for Success is an orginization that I have happily donated my professional clothing for years.  My thinking as I bring the clothing to their really cool office in Boston is that maybe a woman who is entering the work force might choose to wear it, enjoy it and  feel confident to ace an interview.  Listening to Kim will feed your passion about compassion.  Come celebrate her inspiring words!

As for me, I will be speaking about one of my favorite topics…RISK TO GROW.  I wrote about this topic in my last blog and will talk about it at any time for any reason, I always encourage you to grow, step out of your comfort zone and grow!   There will be wonderful raffles throughout the day, the Enchanted Cottage Bakery will be there providing us with sweet treats to sample and buy, my hand-made “Joy jewelry” and note  cards will be available to purchase as well.  Oh what a fun day!  Won’t you join me and these amazing women I mentioned above? 

Registration is happening now.  If you go to my website and print out the registration form you will be one step closer to attending this exciting day.  You can also register via Paypal.

Let’s get inspired together!!

You Have the potential for more, I just know it.  I can tell you are capable of more too.  Are you safe in your comfort zone?  Being in your comfort zone is… well, comfortable, safe and easy.  I am one to always feel a need to push the limits of my comfort zone and take the risk to grow.  In fact, at my September event, I will be speaking on this topic of Risk.   If taking a risk offers you an opportunity to grow in a positive direction; personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, I encourage you to take it!  It is natural to be fearful, but many of us stay in this fearful thinking and it can paralyze us from moving forward.  I am in no way encouraging you to make a move you are not ready for or saying you should not be comfortable where you are in your life right now.  I am gently encouraging you to take a look at your life, career, partner, friends, hobbies, faith, and find an area that you might need to push yourself a bit to grow.

Surround yourself with people who support you and nourish you.  People who take the risk to grow in their own lives and celebrate those steps of growth in yours. 

Sitting in quiet reflection can help you ponder, is it time to move forward in some area of your life and does that require taking a risk?

Keep on growing my friends, keep getting better, because you are worth it.