Are you an optimist?  Or do you see the darker view of your world? Do you believe it will all work out?  If it doesn’t go in your favor, is your glass still half full?  Or are you running on empty always?

  I have been doing a lot of reading lately about positive vs. negative emotions.  The importance of feeling good, being joyful and content as a way to live your life.  I am fascinated with all the books out there and what I am learning.  Indulge me, if you will in some thoughts that could be life changing for you.  In his book Authentic Happiness, M. Seligman gives us details on Barbara Fredrickson’s theory on positive emotions, and it goes like this,

“Positive emotions broaden our abiding intellectual, physical, and social resources, building up reserves we can draw upon when a threat or opportunity presents itself.  When we are in a positive mood, people like us better, and friendship, love, and coalitions are more likely to cement.  In contrast to the constrictions of negative emotion, our mental set is expansive, tolerant, and creative.  We are open to new ideas and new experience.” 

WOW! YES!  Be positive.  It makes sense.  Do you want to be around someone who is crabby, negative, and angry?  Those who talk hurtful gossip…UGH..just walk away.  Don’t surround yourself with negative people; it can deplete you of joy and happiness.  Create your own social circles with those who encourage, love and uplift.  Find the part of you who is grateful, blessed and content.  Live your life through this lens.  The world suddenly seems brighter.

Seek Joy.

Joy. Stillness. Laughter.  Relaxation.  Rest.  Come join me at The Joy Source’s Women’s Retreat  on March 12th and 13th.  The Spa is delightful, the Inn is wonderful, and the company will restore your spirit.  Space is limited.  Sign up today.

Vacation Funds.  Rainy Day Funds.  Retirement Funds.  I think it is about time you start a Joy Fund.  A fund whose only purpose is for joyful activities.    Activities, places, people who bring you joy and a smile to your face.  Recently, I went to visit the Stonehedge Inn and Spa in Tyngsboro, MA. where I am hosting a Woman’s Retreat of Rest and Renewal, and I was once again reminded of why I am drawn to this most lovely place.  Immediately upon walking in you begin to de stress.  Relaxation comes over you as you take in the tranquil surroundings.  The rooms are lavish and pampering.  The workshop rooms are a perfect design to aid in our learning and renewal.  The spa simply invites your spirit to be nourished.

The price for the Retreat Weekend in March is $250, includes your overnight stay, 2 healthy meals, all day workshops, use of indoor pool and jacuzzi, a wild Athena’s Goddess party on Saturday night followed by gentle yoga on Sunday morning.  Or stay in bed and relax.  Or get a massage, facial and pedicure. 

 You do so much in your daily life, why not take a night just for YOU?  I know you know ladies who are able to take advantage of weekends like these.  With a Joy Fund, it could be possible for you too.  Budget and plan for activities and events you enjoy.  I travel to the West Coast every year for  fun inspiring workshops as well as enjoy my spa weekends, all made possible with a Joy Fund.  I budget all year so I can take time out for me.  The planning is so worth it!!!I encourage you to set one up too!  Even if the retreat is not something you want to do.  Find something that brings you joy and get that fund ready for action!

If you send in $50 (non refundable) deposit for the March Woman’s Retreat by January 1st, take $25 off the total price.  You then can send in $25 a week until it is paid off or in whatever increments you would like.  

 Budget.  Plan.  Get excited to nourish your soul.  Do joyful activities.  Set up a Joy Fund and Be Joyful.

I  wanted to share with you the joy I felt this morning and every Sunday morning as I hold hands with my son on his way to Sunday school.  We walk together smiling; he is excited to be there and I am peacefully happy giving this gift to my son.  Faith.  Not important to me what faith community you are connected to nor how you worship.  Just simply having faith is good for your soul. 

Is your faith strong?  What source do you pull from when times are tough?  When life unexpectedly throws you curveballs, do you sit in silent prayer and ask for strength?  Or is it a simply mantra that you repeat over and over.   Oriah in her book The Invitation asks:

“I want to know what sustains you when all else falls away”

What does your inner strength look like?  The greatest gift I will give to my children is faith. ” Have faith son when life pulls you down, believe there is a higher power out there looking after you.”  “Beautiful daughter, don’t cry so hard nor for so long, ask for divine guidance to hold you.”    Years ago, one of my friends who was given 6 months to live had shared with me that he had wished he had given his school aged children faith, it was not important to him so he didn’t pass it on to his children.  Now he was trying to process with them his dying and leaving them; how he felt faith would have been so important to hold them in their grief for years to come.

Faith.  It means something different to each one of us.  Allow your faith to become strong.  Bring it into  your daily life.  Call for divine guidance when you’re hurting and depleted.  The nourishment one can feel from having a strong faith can be life-sustaining.   Quiet prayer.  Joyful praise in singing.  Feeling a sense of community in worship.  In solitude, giving thanks.  It is there ready for you to embrace it.  Wherever you are on your journey, faith and you can be hand in hand.  Faith is there through accomplishments, regrets, sadness, defeat and betrayal.  What truly sustains you when all else falls away? 

In my home there is a paper on the fridge that is never taken off, it simply says

“The Lord Sustains Us”.  And that is exactly how I feel always and in all ways.  May your faith provide you peace, joy and a nourished soul.  That is my wish for you.

Do you need a day for yourself?  A soul nourishing day?  A positive day to be with like-minded women who are also on the journey of wellness and joy? 

That is exactly what I thought of when I planned ” A Women’s Day of Inspiration and Joy” for Sunday, September 12.   I chose the speakers with great thought; I want them to excite you to live your best life.  I want them to encourage you to dream BIG.  We all need a day just for us.  Sometimes we are not even sure we really want to be there (as we are driving there)  and we think of a 100 other tasks we could be doing that day…  and once we are there, at the event, we are sure we are in the right place.  In fact we are so sure, we had wished we invited our closest friends and family members who would have also enjoyed it.   Think of the fee to get in, $65, as an investment in YOU.  You are worth it.  You deserve it.  A day to you.  You can meet new people.  Or not.  You can put your raffle tickets in the basket to win really cool gift baskets.  Or not.  But the one thing you will get is a day to yourself, sit back , relax and soak it all in. 

 There is something magical in the air when a group of extraordinary women gather.  The energy in the room will renew your spirit and nourish your soul. 

Come join me in this most magnificent day!   Registration is happening now and ends on 9/3/10.

The inspiration and positive energy you can feel from attending an uplifting event can change your life.  Attending a conference for women focusing on setting your dreams and goals in motion might be just what you need right now.  Are you in need of some creative inspiration?   Are you stuck?  Do you want to be surrounded by amazing women? 

I have been planning the September 12th conference for women “A Women’s Day of Inspiration and Joy”, for the past year with hopes it will be an amazing event.  Over the past 5 years, I have traveled to the West Coast to attend these types of trainings and I have always left inspired, confident and ready to take on the world.  The only problem was , you  my friends, were not there to take part and celebrate with me.  So here I am on the East Coast, planning the event so we can all be inspired together!

Georgianna Melendez, a life coach and motivational speaker , will be speaking about confidence and how Confidence is Sexy.   Why, you ask?  Well, because it is.   I can tell if I am speaking to a confident woman by the way she speaks, interacts with others and how she dresses.   Come listen to Georgianna speak about this topic, you will be inspired!

Dr. Julie McCullough will be speaking about Stress reduction and Healthy living.  YES!  We are too stressed!  She has an excellent presentation that will combine the medical implications of stress on the body as well as stress reduction techniques.  Dr. Julie will lower your stress and you will feel better after hearing her speak!  Come join us!

Our Key Note  Speaker, Kim Todd, Executive Director of Dress for Success in Boston will be speaking about “The Power of Compassion”.  Dress for Success is an orginization that I have happily donated my professional clothing for years.  My thinking as I bring the clothing to their really cool office in Boston is that maybe a woman who is entering the work force might choose to wear it, enjoy it and  feel confident to ace an interview.  Listening to Kim will feed your passion about compassion.  Come celebrate her inspiring words!

As for me, I will be speaking about one of my favorite topics…RISK TO GROW.  I wrote about this topic in my last blog and will talk about it at any time for any reason, I always encourage you to grow, step out of your comfort zone and grow!   There will be wonderful raffles throughout the day, the Enchanted Cottage Bakery will be there providing us with sweet treats to sample and buy, my hand-made “Joy jewelry” and note  cards will be available to purchase as well.  Oh what a fun day!  Won’t you join me and these amazing women I mentioned above? 

Registration is happening now.  If you go to my website and print out the registration form you will be one step closer to attending this exciting day.  You can also register via Paypal.

Let’s get inspired together!!